Mr. X ….

Ok so this basicallyfor those who don’t know who/ whatMr. xis. If you know great, maybe this will fill you in on some stuff you missed? If you don’t know,or are like my friend Jackie who is completely out of the loop on everything now a days cuz her phoe is a piece of crap and I become her main One Direction information source.Then this will be helpful (I hope). This is my “understanding” of Mr. X and his/her/their “clues”. Some info maybe accurate some may not. I don’t know, you don’t know, only Mr. X knows the truth. So please don’t judge me if I get some stuff wrong. So here we go

· Mr. X was originally an anon post about the fandom drama

· Mr. X does have a blog, it started about 2 days ago to answer stuff and gives out information/clues. It is

· It is said that Mr. X is a “Team”, aka more than one person is involved

· Mr. X says he is our “friend” and is “on our side”

· Mr. X talks about a “storm” this can interperted as the “Larry Storm” or the “Fandom storm”

· Larry Storm: Basically our fandom is blowing things out of porportion with this and it is hurting both us and the boys. It is unsure if Mr.X is trying to reveal something about Larry, wants us to pull back on Larry, or to completely stop the Larry ships all together.

· Fandom storm: The fandom takes everything to heart to seriously and blows it up. We sread and makes more rumors than the 90210 and Gossip Girl. This is destroying the fandom and turning us against each other. We need to stop this and just ignore the hate.

· Mr. X claims not to be on BUT many and basically all clues are found there.

· This leads me to wonder if other parts of the “Team” are on there telling us things.

· From both Mr.X tumblr and Omegle we have heard that something is going to happen on December 3rd.

· Many Omeglers have said the boys are goign to be killed. This is both denied and confirmed so we cannot be sure.

· Also December 3rd is the day their contracts with modest management is up. This means IF they are gay then they CAN come out.

· It was also stated that today (Novemeber 28) something would happen. Harry posted a photo of Niall crying (from the X facto days) with the cpation “It’s bad news”. Liam also, at around the same time, tweeted “This is exactly why we can’t go outside :(” The boys were mobbed outside of their hotel today. We can assume that this is the day’s big event.

Also today Simon Cowell tweeted “who is mr. X?” this could also be part of the days events as we spreading this “mr. X” situation throughout the interwebs. It is also important because now Uncle Simon is getting involved and that can be trouble.

• mr. X claims that he/she are good (decently close) friends with the boys. He/she says they, their family/friends and management know all about the “mr. X situation” already and are in on it

• either late last night or today there was a rumor spread that Danielle is pregnant with HARRY’s child. This has not been denied nor confirmed.

Now that the basic information is out of the way we can move on to the clues. The clues will have their own bullet and will be in italics. My response will be in normal writing right below the clue bullet. Most of these clues are spread from omegle to tumblr to instagram. So we cannot be 100% sure if these clues are true since X claims not to be on omegle.

Four birds will take a flight but only one will fight. The one left alone, it is he who will fall. It is not the heart, the arrows, or the board; 2 remain. The one unmarked, believe in him, his decision will determine who will fall. Watch for the brown haired girl, for her fate shall soon unfurl. This storm will pass, as all storms do. But what it will leave behind is up to you.

• so four of the boys will be fine but one will have to fight for himself. He will fail, this could mean death (as I mentioned earlier the boys are rumored to be killed) or it could mean this member will no longer be in the band. The references of symbols are to the boys’ tattoos. The one unmarked is clearly Niall since he has no ink. His decision will apparently change everything since he is deciding how it ends. The brown hair girl could be Eleanor or Danielle (some Mr. X ‘s on Omgele have mentioned it is a completely new girl) she is dangerous. This whole situation will pass over but it is up to the fandom to decide what will happen after. We could either ruin the boys, Larry, and destroy the fandom or we could realize what we are doing is wrong and pull back on believing the rumors, the Larry ships, and starting drama.

(ok so this clue is very long so I’m just going to post a pic of it at the bottom. It is a tumblr posting and it is separated into two pictures. My response to this clue however will still be below this bullet.)

• in this clue a lot is repeated like the tattoos references , 4 rising 1 falling, the brown hair girl, Niall being pure and making the decision. But there is also NEW things like an unborn baby (which could be in reference to the Danielle pregnancy rumor) , “him” crying which could be the accused Harry or the upset Liam. Then it just goes back to talking about the storm which we already know.

five little birds trapped in a CAGE, one little bird fell off the stage.
Four little birds, the cage is getting narrow, one little bird got shot by an ARROW.
Three little birds come out to play, one will die AT THE END OF THE DAY.
Two little birds one about to die, no one hears his pain cries.
The four dead birds the last one mourned. His heart was tragically TORN.

•so the first two lines are very clear. Harry has a bird cage tattoo on him so he is our first subject. And him falling off stage symbolizes his death. (the boys are rumored to be killed at their MSG concert on the December 3rd). The second line is about Louis. He has fallen in love with Harry. Harry has an arrow tattoo on him, and Louis being shot by it shows the love they have for each other, thus creating “Larry” and possibly our “Larry storm”
The third and fourth lines could be either liam or zayn (respectively). At the end of the day reminds me more of Liam though because the cries seem from zayn being quiet and misunderstood most of the time. Then again it could be from Liam’s pain for Danielle. The last line is about Niall and how he will end up alone in his fight.

the one with the hanger is in danger, the one with the arrows is the saver. The mirror will fall, the innocent hated one will leave. The other will do anything to cover this up. It is all happening soon.

•so this clue makes no sense at all. The one with the hanger is Harry BUT Harry also is the one with the arrow tattoo. So that line just messed everything up there. This is the first I have heard of zayn being the one to fall, it’s always hardy falling because of “Larry “. The innocent one, Niall, is also not suppose to leave he is suppose to make the decision tha saves everyone. And the final clue could lean towards Liam or Louis to try to salvage anything they have left as a band. So basically since this whole is completely different from the rest it is shit filled.

the one with the hanger is in danger. The one with the cage loves the one with the birds. But the one with the birds loves the third party.

• so the first two lines are about Harry loving Louis. The last line is about Louis not loving Harry and loving someone else. It is rumored that the third party is Niall.

this one is in love, he preaches to the storm but the storm does not listen. They must learn or all will suffer on December 3rd.

• this is very obviously about Niall. He is hated upon and always in the shadows. He tries to reach out and tell the fandom things but we ignore him. This is breaking him, our fandom, and the band. We must learn to listen to what he has to say.

the one who is shy is very sly, he shall decide which of the four shall die.

• Niall is king bitches! He decides everything.

the boy with the birds will be set free, for the eye of the birdcage is now unlocked you see.

• this could mean a few things. It could mean that Louis is coming out as gay. Harry is coming out as gay. Harry and Louis are coming out as gay and “Larry”. Louis is comin out and Harry is letting him go and will be alone.

before the ink before the baby before the clippers, there was a lie and now it’s back.

• this I believe is about Liam. He never used to have ink and the clippers mean the buzz cut. The baby could be in reference to the Danielle pregnancy. And if it is, it could also mean that the secret was that Harry and Danielle got together, which mean that dani cheated, and now the truth of it is finally coming out with the pregnancy.

(this is also another long clue and it is partly, well it is a conversations, and you have to read it to really understand so I’m going to post a pic of it at the bottom. My response will still below this bullet though. Now this pic will be of an omegle chat so do not get it mixed up with the other clue pictures.)

• this basically explains everything without messed up riddles. Now I’m not sure if everything is exact due to what other clues perceive but we never know.

• The 20th word in every One Direction song is a clue.

• now I do not know if they go in order or if you have to unscramble it all. I am working on the puzzle myself but so far it’s coming out jibberish

clues are hidden in the music videos. 5 of the music videos have clues hidden in them, wheter it be facial expression or actual words. There are times for certain people’s lines (unfortunately I have not found those) and those are supposed to be hints as well. One time I do know is at 1:57 behind the table. I do not know the video to this time however.

• this is going to be a lot of work to analyze every video. Slow mow here I come!

  • Twists and turns,winding roads. SHould he turn left or right Road one leads to the present and road two leads to the future. Its up o him to make the call. his decision could change it all. The eldest seeks acceptance. He has reached out to gain it many times. The boys with the birds is in danger. Arrows will be thrown. Cages will be unlocked. Hangers will fall. Members will be zapped. The boy whose eyes are as blue as the see is the one who can set them free. LLWY: 0:37 . GBY: 2:32 . WMYB: 1:12 . OT: 0:08.
  • 12.3.12
  • 12.12.12
  • 12.17.12
  • 13
  • These numbers are Special. Remember them.
  • Obviouly Niall is making a big decision. Louis is seeking acceptance from management and the fanbase and has apparently tried to tell us/them many times. His acceptance could be that he is actually gay, or it could just be about his playful personality. Maybe its even that he has a mental issue. Next the bird boy we have perceived this as louis, however usually it is HARRY in danger. Could this mean now more than one of the boys will get hurt? Arrows, possibly cupid’s arrows as in someone will fall in love or get hurt because of love. Cages unlocked, something will oviously be revealed about the boys. Hangers will fall, which we still believe to be harry because of his hanger tattoo. Members being zapped. This says that members will be kicked out of the band and the Zapped refers to Zayn’s tattoo. BUT we have already been told harry is the one leaving, so this raises the question Are more leaving now? Niall is our savior. The times are clues hidden in the music videos for that specific song. The dates are all importatn announcements and events. The number 13 is not known yet. People believe it has to do with the 13th of december other people believe it has to do with Taylor Swift since her number is 13.
  • A new clue is suggesting that Zayn is the father of Danielle’s child.
  • New clues are now coming about but they are completely contradictiong everything that has already been released.
  • This leads me to believe that people now messing with us. I do believe all the original clues are telling the truth. People just want to blow the whole MR.X thing out of control. The clues are very obvious, you can’t contradict them.

Ok so that’s all I have guys. Now for my opinion on it all. I personally think something will happen on these dates because it has even building up all year. And the fact the modest ends in a few days also is a big factor into what will become an explosion. Now for those who have read the fanfic Room 317, this whole situation and all the clues are kinda reminding me of it. Like the pregnancy, Lou and Harry not sure how to come out an it taking months to accept everything. Hence our Larry storm. Niall being the savior because, if you have read the fanfic and you really look at it, Liam and Niall are the ones who started the whole gay acceptance thing in there. So therefore Niall is the savior who makes massive decisions. I sometimes begin to wonder if some random read the fic and decided to start something like it. We may never know. But if this really all is real, I completely believe that something extreme is about to happen. Mr. X has honestly gone out of control but I think and hope it makes this fandom realize we are screwing ourselves and the boys and we need to stop.

Okay so here are the pictures that i mentioned earlier. the two tumblr pictures are in refernce to the first picture clue. the omegle is to the second picture clue i mentioned.




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