July 16 2014, 12pm


thanks for cheating.
and making me feel like nothing.

thanks for cheating.
and ruining my self esteem.

thanks for cheating.
and shattering my trust.

thanks for cheating.
and breaking my heart.

thanks for cheating.
and killing what little was left of me.

July 16 2014, 12pm


You always hated the thought
Of a cigarette touching my lips.
You made me promise never to
Start that habit again,
So I didn’t.

I always hated the thought
Of your lips on another girl.
You promised you’d never
Hurt me like that and
I believed you.

I guess the difference
Between you and me is that
I never went behind your back
For a quick taste of the thing
I promised to never touch again.


   — Another promise you broke, M.W. (via mistakenharmony)

July 16 2014, 12pm

"You just forgot about me.
In that moment you took
every page of our story
and ripped them out of
your book and my blood had
bled to write those pages
and you did not even think
twice and now all of the pages
that I had written in your book
are gone and my blood has run

   — You ripped my pages out.  (via dollpoetry)

July 16 2014, 12pm

"I thought it was okay to kiss the boy who made my stomach feel on fire when he looked at me, but I didn’t realize that one day that fire would turn to ice and I’d be crying on the bathroom floor with blood covering my clothes screaming about how he kissed the girl he swore he was only friends with."

   — I burned myself on you (via jessielou24)